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July/August 2014
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By Greg D. Powell, CD, BA (Psych), CFP, CHS
Sun Life Financial

How To Make Your Marketing Memorable

Whether it's prospecting for more clients or the search for new agents, we all know how hard it is to constantly reach people, initiate meetings, and stand out in the "noise" out there. Our efforts are further challenged by Do Not Call Legislation (DNCL) and Canada's new Anti-spam Legislation (CASL), both of which affect our ability to email, text, twitter, etc.

Hmmm, so, what to do…

How about going back to the "old method" of mailing the person first and then following up with a phone call? Crazy enough to try… again?

After the essential groaning, and if you are willing to attempt it, there comes the concern of how do you make enough of an impact so that when you follow up with a phone call they remember who you are and what you're calling about.

For existing clients or prospects, some of you may be more liberal in your approach and use humour to overcome initial barriers; others may be happy just having your mailed material read. Here are some things you can include in your envelope that will help them remember you, or at least give you something interesting to talk about on your next call:

  1. Paper tape measure: The kind you find in Swedish furniture stores. It has to have a metric side that goes from 1 cm to 100 cm. It's a visual prop used to make a point on the importance of time, and what we do with it. The letter states: "Step 1: Tear at the number that is your age, and let that first piece drop to the floor. Step 2: Tear at the age you want to retire. Step 3: Again tear the paper tape at the age you expect to live to, and let that last piece drop to the floor. Step 4: Hold a piece in each hand. In one hand you will have your working years, in the other you have your retirement years. I will call you next week to ensure you're on track to have your retirement prepared before you stop working." Or "If you're not in a career that is rewarding and allows you to have the retirement lifestyle you dream of, we have a career opportunity this year. I'll call you next week to set up a coffee."
  2. Tea bag: The kind that has a little paper or foil envelope around the tea bag. The letter could say something like "Take 10 minutes from your busy day and brew a pot of tea. While it's steeping take a moment to read this. We are all so busy these days, and often we don't spend enough time planning our future, but we need to protect our families and save for retirement. I will be calling you next week to review your accounts with us before things get even busier in the fall, when the kids go back to school." Or "Many people I speak to are so busy but don't feel they're going anywhere in their current position. We have two positions available at our financial office, and since you are so well connected in our community I thought you might be able to introduce me to someone who may be a good fit to work with me."
  3. Scratch & win lottery ticket: The letter could start "Good luck! According to the back of this scratch & win you have one in 11 chance of winning something. A more sobering thought is that men have a 50 per cent chance of coming down with a critical illness that will stop them from working for six months or more. There is a way to protect yourself from this risk so you can focus on getting better. And if you remain healthy — as we hope you will — we will return all monthly contributions to you." Or "One in four Canadians are unsatisfied with their current occupation, and don't believe it will allow them to have the lifestyle they want. I'll call you next week to talk about the position we have available at my office. Perhaps you know someone. By the way, if your scratch & win ticket pays out, I'll still buy the coffee."
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