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February 2007

Welcome to February and Winter Members and Friends!

With the New Year underway and winter now firmly upon us we want to remind you that GAMA International will be holding the LAMP (Leadership and Management Program) conference in Toronto in March 2007. This is the first time GAMA International has held the conference outside of the United States. If you are not yet booked, time is quickly running short! It is an amazing program, and will definitely be a conference to remember! I look forward to seeing you there!

As 2007 progresses and our membership continues to grow. We want to take this opportunity to welcome all new members, as well as thank all current members for their continuing participation in GAMA. In fact, the LAMP conference provides an opportunity for our members to become in volunteering during the conference. To learn how you can participate in volunteering in the conference contact Joe Flynn at and see the links on the left to learn more about LAMP.

Also if you have an interest in writing we continue to require the contributions of quality leaders to provide us with interesting examples of direction for this newsletter and for our monthly article in the Avocis Forum magazine.  If you have an interest in contributing contact me at to submit your piece of writing.  I am pleased to bring you this month’s piece from one of GAMA’s educational partners, The Covenant Group; see the link “Management Development” on the left for more information.  Author Norm Trainor has submitted a great article on the topic of providing employees direction within the context of the company’s objectives.

Stay warm and enjoy a safe and successful February!

Michael Tourond,
Editor and Director

The context of success

By Norm Trainor

Without knowing their firm’s overall objectives, Robin’s employees weren’t pulling together

The following is based on one of The Covenant Group’s clients, Robin Froner. All of the names and telling details have been changed to preserve client privacy.

Robin Froner, is a client of The Covenant Group’s, working with Herb Koplowitz, our Vice President of Organizational Effectiveness Services on managing her specialists in group benefits, disability, and investment. Robin is currently encountering a management problem that threatens the growth of her business.

Robin explains, “I’ve met with each of my specialists and explained the goal I wanted them to pursue, the growth of their function; they’re all doing a great job of pulling their function forward, but it feels like they’re pulling in their own direction, not in mine. It’s as though each of my specialists has their own understanding of where the company is headed and why.” Robin was feeling that by delegating functions, she’d lost control of her company. She wanted to regain control, but didn’t want to jeopardize the positives of delegating functions, such as the high morale of her specialists.

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