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March 2007

Welcome to March and the 2007 LAMP Conference!!

This month is the last call to remind you that GAMA International will be holding the LAMP (Leadership and Management Program) conference in Toronto in March 2007. This is the first time GAMA International has held the conference outside of the United States. Time is running very short!! It is an amazing program; book your spot while you still can!

We continue to accept volunteers to participate in working the conference. To learn how you can participate in volunteering at the conference, contact Joe Flynn at

Finally, I am pleased to bring you this month’s piece from one of GAMA Canada’s board members. Rod Burylo writes an interesting piece on the topic of what the physical expression of your office may say about your business.

Read on and enjoy!

Michael Tourond,
Editor and Director

Be Creative, Let’s Get Physical

By Rod Burylo

At a time when financial products and services have become virtually indistinguishable from company to company or from practice to practice, the work environment has become one of the last, and best, opportunities to express that which makes a company different from its competitors. It is both a crucial first impression for prospective clients and potential advisor recruits as well as an ongoing reminder to existing clients, advisors and staff of the unique value provided by the firm.

As a child, the defining characteristic of the financial services industry for me was its bricks and mortar: the stately, often grand and imposing, physical structures that expressed stability, security and understated confidence. This was part of a company’s brand. The building’s external and internal presentation provided tangibility to the intangibility and abstraction that is the actual essence of financial services.

The physical expression of a company’s value proposition seems to be an increasingly underrated element of business activities. The managers, ultimately responsible for “the office,” seem more likely to delegate off the details of its presentation for (what might appear to be) more important duties: such as sales, recruiting and retention. However, it is in that office environment that all such activities can take place.

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