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March 2008

GAMA and Advocis! Welcome to our new members and hello to our old.

As most of you are aware, two years ago, GAMA and Advocis looked at one another and saw a common purpose toward advancing professionalism and offering members everything they needed to succeed.

GAMA now has the resources and backing of the nation’s largest voluntary association of financial advisors. Advocis, in turn, was enriched by the addition of the only professional association in Canada exclusively dedicated to leaders in the financial services industry.

Now we’ve taken the next step and harmonized our memberships. We are pleased to inform you that, as an Advocis member with a managerial/ leadership role in the financial industry, you also qualify for membership in GAMA in addition to your membership in Advocis. This is at no extra cost, beyond your normal Advocis membership fee.

GAMA is what you put into it so get involved! Enquire to your local chapter or contact one of the board members to see how you can get to even start your own GAMA Chapter. 

We have recently updated our GAMA website. Have a look and provide us with some feedback on how we can make it more useable for other leaders in the financial services industry. Note our schedule for our 2008 Field Leaders Teleconference is posted.

If you are interested in putting some of your own thoughts, experience and insights in writing for the benefit of your colleagues, email us at info@gamacanada.com to submit your piece for our monthly newsletter.

Always lead by example, as you never know when your measure is being taken.

Greg Powell

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