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November 2006

Happy November Greetings!!

First, please let me introduce myself and say that I am happy to take over the role of Communications director which includes the responsibility of editing this newsletter. I look forward to bringing you interesting and informative articles and working to maintain the standard set by Rod Burylo. Rod is moving on to another role at GAMA Canada.

GAMA Canada is very pleased to host GAMA's International Leadership and Management Program (LAMP) in Toronto in March 2007. It's the first time GAMA International has held the conference outside of the United States. This outstanding program is something you will want to make sure you attend. Mark your calendars!! I look forward to seeing you there!

Now please read-on to the next article for managers below. This piece has been provided by one of GAMA’s educational partners: The Covenant Group. Author Norm Trainor has penned a great article on the topic of assigning tasks. (See link: “Management Development” – on the left for more information).

Enjoy, and have a wonderful November

Michael Tourond,
Editor and Director

Assigning Tasks: QQT/R

by Norm Trainor

The following is based on one of The Covenant Group’s clients, Robin Froner. All of the names and telling details have been changed to preserve client privacy.

Over the past year, Robin Froner had been transforming herself from salesperson to business builder, and her business had grown tremendously. To ease the transformation and ensure her company stayed the course of her ambitious projections, she’d been adopting some key management practices. But when Jamie, her investment specialist, bungled plans for a key client event, Robin realized there was something wrong in her business.

Robin had been pleased with Jamie’s job of running the investment side of the business, and had figured she could easily trust her with the client event. It shocked her to discover Jamie hadn’t pulled through; in fact, it made her rethink her perception of Jamie altogether. She’d encountered similar problems with other staff members, and was growing increasingly concerned. As she had in the past, Robin called on Herb Koplowitz, our vice president of organizational effectiveness services, to help. The meeting turned out to be quite an eye opener for Robin; she was surprised to find that the source of her problems didn’t lie with Jamie or the other staff members, but with herself, and specifically with how she was managing them. Fortunately, Herb pointed out to her that the mistakes she was making were common, and the solution simple.

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