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September 2007

Welcome Back Members and Friends!

Well summer is over, the kids are back to school, and we are all rested up and ready to leap into work with a vengeance. Our third-quarter and year-end goals lie before us and we can attack them with new motivation. As leaders in the industry, motivating ourselves and others is just part of the equation of being an effective leader. The following newsletter by "yours truly" focuses on those characteristics demonstrated by the best leaders in our industry.

If you are interested in putting some of your own thoughts, experience and insights in writing for the benefit of your colleagues we continue to require the contributions of quality leaders for this newsletter and for the monthly article in the Advocis FORUM magazine. If you have an interest in contributing contact me at mike@tourondfinancial.com to submit your piece.

Read on and enjoy!

Michael Tourond,
Editor and Director

Leadership for Results; Not Prestige, Money, or Position

By Michael Tourond

I walked into the office where I was charged with leading a training session with the sales managers of a large financial services office. There were 12 managers that I had divided into teams of four for an ice-breaking exercise, more for my benefit to give me a feel for the people I was working with. The exercise had each manager on each team receive a specific task that had to be completed within the boundaries of two rules: no written or verbal communication was allowed between team members; and the team that completed all of their tasks first won.

One manager named Linda completed her task in a flash, then another manager on her team (his name was Mark) who was struggling with his task handed it to Linda. She completed his task within a minute; meanwhile Mark waved his other team members on to pass their tasks on to Linda. Linda completed all of her team’s tasks before any other team had completed one.

The other side of this story is that the branch manager that Mark reported to was not happy with Mark and his management style. The branch manager was a solemn man, a workaholic who tended to take on as much responsibility as possible, with the full intention to do as good a job at it as possible. While there is nothing wrong with that, Mark appeared to regularly come in late, leave early, delegated difficult tasks to others, and his work with clients included taking them to lunch or golfing.

Comments or questions? Contact: Editor, Michael Tourond