The following are some useful resources that provide information on the latest developments in the world of GAMA.

GAMA Global Learning Center

The GAMA Global Learning Center is an online portal, one-stop-shop experience for members to enjoy a catalogue of on-demand courses, the E-Journal, and Take-5 Best Practice Review. It also houses video content from events such as LAMP, Ted Talks, global GAMA Days, and more. The GAMA Global Learning Center offers members the opportunity to become immersed in content and learning at any time in the day, month, or year. The goal of the GAMA Global Learning Center is to deliver a heightened and more interactive member experience, as well as truly unite the GAMA community across the globe in sharing best practices, ideas, and enhancing the Financial Services Profession.


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The Advocis Podcast (E:13) - What's new with GAMA Global Canada - March 28, 2024

Stacy Brooks, Education & Professional Development Director, GAMA Global Canada is joined by Jason McMahon, President of GAMA Global Canada and Jaclyn Nemethy, Membership Director, GAMA Global Canada, to discuss the value of GAMA, and navigating the unchartered seas of heading up boardroom meetings, spearheading critical strategy sessions, and covering off areas such as succession planning, client segmentation, and team accountability, while managing all of your regular day-to-day activities.

Jason and Jaclyn also highlight how leadership in financial services is changing, and how GAMA Global Canada is evolving through it all!



An Introduction to GAMA Global Canada - March 17, 2022

Jonathan Schjott, President of GAMA Global Canada and Jason McMahon, First Vice President, GAMA Global Canada, joined the Informed with Randy Taylor podcast to share an introduction to GAMA Global Canada, discussed how to become a member, who would be a good fit to join, and member benefits such as access to GAMA Global, as well as the yearly LAMP Conference.